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The Elders (known together as the Session) are responsible for the governing policies and programs of the church.
They are the elected representatives of the church and determine our direction as a local congregation. Any
member of the church may volunteer to serve on one of the committees headed by the Session.
These include:

Christian education
Social Justice
Worship & Music


The Deacons are responsible for the care of the congregation. They visit the sick, give support to the lonely,
wounded, or grief stricken among us. All members of the church are encouraged to support the work of the
Deacons by serving on one of the committees:

A-HOME (housing for fragile adults)
Audio/video taping of worship services
Coffee or refreshments following worship services
Communion preparation
Caring Cooks
Hearing System for worship services
Caring Cards
Prayer Angels
Bereavement Support
Ushers and Greeters


Reporting to the Session, the Trustees are responsible for the fiscal well-being of the congregation. This board also
oversees the maintenance and use of our building and grounds.  Committees functioning under the
leadership of the Trustees include:
Cartoon for Church Leaders

Church Leadership

Members of Session


"I'm aware that some of us take our leadership role a bit more seriously than others . . .  "
In the Presbyterian Church,  the organization of leadership takes the form of three groups of elected volunteers: 

Members on each board are elected for a three year term.  They may also be elected for a second term of three
additional years, but after their second term, they are not eligible for election to that board for at least seven

One of the goals of this type of rotating electoral organization is to minimize the establishment of a small group of
individuals who might monopolize the decisions in the church.  This helps promote the cultivation of new ideas and
new ways of doing things from a broader spectrum of the congregation so that the interests and needs of the entire
congregation are served, which in turn, promotes a healthy and vigorous church that is serving our Lord and the
Buildings, grounds, and facilities
Long-range planning