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The Rev. Dr. Dale E. Southorn

Terry Flanagan,
Director of Music
Stephanie Boorman,
Church Administrator
Rev Dale Southorn
Kathy Anderson,
Director of Christian Education
Life is a journey. For Elisabeth and I that has been both a metaphor and a physical reality. I am a
native of Alberta, Canada, but I went to college in California where I met Elisabeth. We were
educated, married and began ministry in the San Francisco Bay Area. When our kids were small we
moved to Portland, Oregon; and then once they were off to college we moved to Erie, Pennsylvania.
With our recent move to Mt. Kisco we have completed our migration across the continent.

One of the joys of having moved several times is that we have friends all over the country. We
already feel like we have many friends in Mt. Kisco and we look forward to seeing old friends who will
come visit us when they come to New York. A wonderful bonus is that our son, David, is a violinist
living in Manhattan. Our daughter, Debbie, is currently living in Chicago, a short plane-ride away.

As pastor I have made relationships an important part of my ministry. I look forward to hearing the
story of the journey of PCMK through the stories of individuals and families. To that end I will seek
out opportunities for conversation in the church, the manse, your home, over coffee or on a long walk.
Elisabeth is particularly gifted at hospitality and the two of us will have church groups over to the
manse as often as possible.

PCMK has come a long way on its journey of faith and ministry. There are so many things that
impress me about that journey, but there is much more to do together. God is calling us forward. I
am eager to roll up my sleeves and to get to work alongside all of the gifted members, staff and
leadership of PCMK. Let this new phase of our journey together begin!