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Sunday School is a place of loving care for each child             
and youth that reflects Godís love. We encourage and             
value exploring, questioning, and nurturing                                                                
faith development in all our students.
Kathy Anderson, Director of Christian Education
Sunday School and Children's Music Programs
Our Classes
Group 1-  Pre-K through Grade 1                
Group 2- Grades 2, 3, & 4
Group 3- Grades 5 & 6
Group 4- Grades 7 & 8
The classes are taught by volunteer teachers, many of whom have returned year after year to share their faith with the children of this church.
We are always interested in growing our teaching staff! If you would like to explore becoming a Sunday School teacher, please contact Kathy Anderson in our church office!
The curriculum for each group was carefully chosen to encourage and nurture
faith development in ways that reflect the growing understanding of the student.
Our younger groups use the Spark curriculum. It is a sequential study of the great stories of the Bible. Each child receives a take-home leaflet every week so that parents can be aware of what their child has learned that Sunday. Another key component is the Spark Story Bible filled with colorful illustrations
and all the stories covered by the curriculum written in child-friendly language.
Our students in grades 5 & 6 are presented with a personal Bible for their own use in the class. They are urged to "Connect" with the Bible and with the stories
they study each week. Each week the students watch an entertaining 5 minute DVD that leads their examination of that week lesson.
Our oldest group is using the "re:form" curriculum that is especially designed to address the questions and needs of this pre-confirmation group. Again, each week's lesson features a brief entertaining video that presents answers
to the difficult questions these students have about their faith and their place in God's plan. Each student is invited to try and seek their own answers in their own "antiworkbook!"
9:00-11:00- Nursery Open
Children 2 years of age and younger are cared for by paid staff.
10:00- Family Worship
Children sit with their families for the beginning of the service offering a chance to worship together.
10:15- Children's Time
Children are invited to come forward for a short message from the pastor. They are then shepherded to their classrooms.
10:20-11:05- Sunday School
Children attend lessons geared to their age group taught by volunteer teachers.
10:20-11:00- High School Youth Group
11:05-11:15- Fellowship Time
Students are reunited with their families in the Great Hall for a quick snack.
11:15-11:45-Children's Music Programs
11:45-1:00 Middle School Youth Group
When there is no Sunday school scheduled (Thanksgiving weekend, Christmas, & Easter for example) worship bags with a variety of quiet activities will be available in the Narthex.
This year there will be a confirmation class for our 7th and 8th grade youths. While the Sunday School curriculum this year is intended to prepare students as they approach this important milestone in their faith development, the actual classes will be starting in January.
How we put our faith into practice is an important part of our Sunday School
Last year we raised over $1500 for Heifer International!
So far this year, we have bundled newspapers for our "Papers for Puppies" service project.
We also held a Swing-a-thon for Haiti that raised over $2300  to purchase the equipment to build a playground for the children in Haiti.
Family Seasonal Materials
One of our goals is to strengthen the connection between the Sunday School classroom and the home. Packets are available during the church seasons of Advent and Easter with materials chosen to help families grow in faith together during these special times in the church calendar.
Family Fun Activities
Throughout the year the church hosts events that encourage our church families to come out for a fun activity. These include "Trunk or Treat", a Pageant Pizza Party, and a Mardi Gras
Children's Music Program
Directed by paid staff: Terry Flanagan
Elisabeth Southorn
All children in grades 1 through 8 are encouraged to participate. When they sing or play in church, children are expected to arrive at 9:15 for a quick warm up. Dates will be announced in the Sunday School weekly email blast.
Grades 1 - 5* The Angelikids Choir
Students meet with Elisabeth Southorn in the sanctuary.
Sundays following Snack at 11:15
Grades 5*- 8th Youth Handbell Choir
Students in Grades 5-8th meet with Terry Flanagan in the Community room. Sundays following Snack at 11:15
*Children in Grade 5 have the option of joining either group!
Pancake Breakfast. Another important event on each year's church calendar is our Christmas pageant with the Dress Rehearsal Pizza Party!