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The Deacons are responsible for the care of the congregation. They visit the sick, give support to the lonely, wounded, or grief stricken among us. All members of the church are encouraged to support the work of the Deacons by serving on one of several service committees:

Visitating the Sick with Flowers

When a member of the congregation is homebound or in the hospital, members of the Deacons pay them a visit and bring along the flowers from the Sunday Service to help brighten up their day.

Audio/video taping of worship services

This ministry records the church service and uploads the audio/video to our website so that the sermon can be listened to at home or away.

Coffee or refreshments following worship services

The Deacons are responsible for coordinating the many hands that help provide the coffee and refreshments after the service.

Communion preparation

Deacons obtain and prepare the elements of the communion.

Caring Cooks

When members of our congregation are facing challenges, such as illness, this ministry provides hot meals delivered to the family for the duration of the difficulties.


Current Members:

Hearing System for worship services

For those who need assistance hearing the Sunday Service, a special set of cordless headphone are provided.

Caring Cards

Deacons send out thoughtful greeting cards to members who are in need of encouragement.

Prayer Angels

Each Sunday during the service, we announce requests for prayer.  Our "Prayer Angels" take notes on those requests and distribute a weekly email a group of members who have volunteered to continue to pray for those requests all week.

Bereavement Support

When a death occurs in our church family, we help the family with arrangements for a gathering in the Great Hall.  We set up tables, coffee and tea, help the caterer with the food service and cleanup afterwards.


When members are unable to drive, the Deacons help coordinate transportation to worship  and other church functions.

Ushers and Greeters

Deacons are responsible for coordinating the many members who usher during the Sunday Service.