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What time are your worship services?

We have one service every Sunday at 10 AM. 

Just as an FYI, our Sunday school also occurs during part of that same time.  The kids are part of the first 30 minutes of the service, they have their own "Children's Time" sermon up front with Pastor Dale and then go out with their teachers to Sunday School during the Sermon.

Do you have coffee afterwards?

You Betcha! 

Our members enjoy the coffee hour after the service almost as much as the service itself! 

We love to catch up with each other socially and enjoy some fresh brewed coffee along with a few snacks. 

The kids also enjoy their own snack table with some juice and cookies (and for some of them that's the whole reason for coming to church!).

You'll find it a warm and welcoming experience where people will step up and introduce themselves.  We've found you won't feel like a stranger for long.  Most of our members say the warmth and friendship they've found here is the main reason they joined.

And we won't make you wear one of those "Visitor" name tags or make you stand out like a sore thumb.  Just some informal conversation.

Are children of all ages welcome?

Yes!  We have worked very hard to make children feel a part of the regular service as well as providing them with experiences appropriate for their age and education level.

During the first 30 minutes or so of the Sunday service, the kids, including the pre-schoolers, are part of the service, both in the pews as well as up front.  The pastor provides them a "mini-sermon" during Children's time up front.  He often shares a story or discussion with them that is related to the topic of the Sermon you'll hear and is related to their Sunday School lesson.  That gives parents and kids a common experience that leads to conversations after the service about what each other learned.  You and your kids can experience the Journey of understanding together!  

After Children's Time, the kids go off with their Sunday School teachers for their Sunday School class time or to the nursery for pre-school aged kids (our pre-school nursery is staffed every Sunday with two trained and certified child care providers).

After Sunday School, they often participate in musical rehearsals such as singing choir or bell choir while the adults enjoy a little adult social time together during coffee hour.  They then join us for their own "Juice Time" and kid friendly refreshments.

As they grow older, during Confirmation preparation, the middle school aged children participate in and assist in regular church functions such as reading the scripture passage up front during the service, helping to prepare the communion table, using the camera to record the service for the web site, even attending some committee meetings.  We think participation and learning what service means is as educational as the Sunday School lesson.

Who is God?

Well, we get that question a lot. 

In fact, we are constantly asking ourselves that question.  We think we have found some truths that help us understand who God is and who we are a little better, but we certainly don't think we have all the answers. 

That's why we think of this church as a group of people who, together, seek "Light for the Journey".  None of us has "arrived", but we think we have found a good direction and every one of us is evolving and growing with each other's help. 

Maybe you have some insights to share that will add to everyone's "Light"?  We have plenty to share with you too!

Is your building handicapped accessible?

Our building is wheel chair accessible with no stairs or ramps to contend with at the entrances, and our restrooms are located on the main floor.  One of our restrooms (just off the "Great Hall" where the coffee hour occurs) is completely updated with handicap adaptations including railings, wide doors, and lowered sinks with adapted faucets. 

We also have an open space for wheel chairs amongst the pews in the sanctuary if you need it.  We strive to make everyone feel welcome! 

If it helps, click here for a floor plan of the main floor.

What time is Sunday School?

Our Sunday school occurs during part of the regular Sunday service.  We think involving the kids in at least part of the regular service provides them with the most well rounded religious education. 

The kids are part of the first 30 minutes of the service, they have their own "Children's Time" sermon up front with Pastor Dale and then go out with their teachers to Sunday School or the nursery room during the Sermon.

Where is the Nursery?

Enter through the main entrance on the left side of the building,
pass through the lobby,
up the stairs,
to the end of the hall,
last door on your left.
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